Replace valleys, gutters and downpipes

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TP Roofing - Valley change by TP Roofing

Valley change by TP Roofing

Roof leaks are frequently caused by rusted roof valleys, rusted roof gutters or box gutters, from poor installation or a buildup of debris impeding water flow causing water to pool and seep into the ceiling space or under the eaves. Large volumes of water fall on roofs, water is channeled down to the gutters and downpipes via roof valleys. Roof valleys are where two sections of sloped roof meet.

When rust is present at valleys, box gutters, gutters and downpipes TP Roofing advise replacement with Colorbond® steel for a long term solution to ensure your roof is water tight. We select the colour most appropriate for your property. Sealants provide a temporary repair which can prove costly when water leaks again causing damage to your home.

TP Roofing ensure your roof is maintained properly, we fix your leaking roof the first time after thoroughly assessing your roofing problem. To choose from a range of Colorbond colours go to